Some Legal Alternatives:

The age of the CD is over.  Besides those avid fans who still choose to buy the entire CD, most of today's youth prefer to buy only the songs that they like.  Although illegal downloading and file sharing are prevalent now, the law in the United States to protect copyrighted material will continue to strengthen until music piracy is on the decline.  In order to avoid fines, jail-time, or viruses, here are some healthy legal alternatives:


Apple has put together the largest and most popular online music store. Their music store is compatible with any of their popular iPod products. Songs cost $0.99 and can be purchased alone or along with the entire CD onlline, still resulting in a cheaper price than store-bought CD's.

Although not as popular, also carries a wide variety of online music, as well as online physical CD orders for a lower price than you can get in stores.

Napster 2.0

 This once enemy to the record industry has been restructured into a legal music network. For $12.95 a month subscribers have unlimited access to all of the music they could ever want.

In summary, there are many single-song purchase sites that provide enough of a selection to compensate the music lover's needs without having to worry about getting caught. We urge you to use these sites and forego future legal trouble, while still paying less for exactly what you want.



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