Artists' Quotes:

 DMX, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Artist, "And Then There Was X": "It was a rough road but I made it. I got to where I wanted to be. And, part of being where I want to be is getting paid for my work. But, when you download songs off the Internet it’s stealing. It’s taking away from those 19 years of writing, it’s taking away from those 19 years of struggling. Because straight up and down it’s stealing. My fans, my real fans, they got love for me. [It]’s stopping new artists from getting where they need to be. It’s killing the industry as we know it. Stop stealing. Go in the store and buy like everybody else."

Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Artist, Producer, Founder and CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment: "As an artist who has dedicated his life to music and the music business, I have seen what illegal music copying has done and continues to do to new and established musicians. I understand why people download music, but for me and my fellow artists, this is our livelihood. When you make an illegal copy, you're stealing from the artist. It’s that simple. Every single day we're out here pouring our hearts and souls into making music for everyone to enjoy. What if you didn’t get paid for your job? Put yourself in our shoes!"

Paul Birch, Managing Directorof Revolver Records 

"I hate what's happening with illegal downloading. People who love music shouldn't do this. The music industry provides huge choice. By stealing music you deny other people that choice in the future. Some may say it does not affect new and eclectic music. The fact is that it is precisely this kind of music which gets displaced. For small businesses it's particularly tough. Most of us came into this business not to get rich but because we love music. No one who loves music would steal it."